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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Totally Instant Weave HZ A057 - Synthetic Wig

Beautiful Curly Wig, HZ A057 by Sensationnel Instant Weave

Sometimes, real products is different from their displayed picture or commercial. Especially, wig shown by model is much prettier than real product. There are some reasons, model, lights of studio and clothes or accessories. 

However, Instant Weave by Sensationnel maintains almost the same style between shown wig by model and real products. Today, I will introduce Instant Weave, HZ A057.

She is curly, and medium-long length. As it shown as below, real product keep the same style is commercial picture above. Shown color is DX 2216, which is special mixed color of dark honey blonde and light ash blonde color. Hair type is Futura synthetic hair.

The forehead of wig cap is designed to wig style, and side and rear is open weft layers. You can adjust wig cap size with two band hooks at nape.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Equal Braid Hairline Lace Front Wig Frosty

Waterfall Braid Lace Front Wig, Frosty by Equal

Beautiful waterfall braid wig released by Equal, Equal Braid Hairline Lace Front Wig Frosty.

Her basic style is body wave, and Front Head is parting. Especially, natural baby hair is at fore head.

Braiding starts from left side, and style is double lace braid. Shown color on mannequin, is Ombre mixed color, OM8643. If you choose Ombre color, braiding hair stands out very vividly from its color. 

Her hair is very long, and it reaches almost to waist. Length is about 20".

Finally, braid is dropped like a waterfall right side. This emphasizes feminine style.

Forehead of wig cap is designed to front hair style, and side and rear consists of weft layers. Open ear tab allow you to wear glasses. Side and rear combs help you to wear it securely, and also you can adjust cap size with two elastic bands at nape.

About overall rating of this wig, I'd like to give 4 stars of 5. If you want to refresh your style or change hair, I recommend this item. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Kinds of Weaving Hair and How to Care

Some People experience allergic reactions to the added hair that is sometimes blamed on bonding and/extension adhesives. Some commercial hair is from animal sources, some are chemically treated to enhance the appearance or to eliminate some of the cuticles scales to prevent matting, and to smooth or relax the cuticles for easier control and styling. This could be the sources for an allergic reaction. Sometimes people experience breakage of their own natural hair the commercial hair is attached to. This is caused by the natural hair being too weak to support the weight of the added hair. Or, more hair was added then the natural hair could support.

Extensions and weaves
There is nothing like natural hair, but if your hair needs a break or time to recover either one, extensions or weaves are a good choice. Whether your hair needs recovery from former abuse or from a hairstyle gone wrong, these methods will stimulate hair growth if the job is done well. You don't have to wear your hair in a style that you are not comfortable with after a hair disaster. A good weave will add length and fullness to one's hair while protecting it. The same goes for extensions that are correctly braided in one's hair. The emphasis should be placed on protecting one's hair. As mentioned before, hair grows best if left alone. If your hair is well protected by extensions or a weave, the hair has a chance to grow undisturbed, free from pulling and environmental threats like the sun. The advantage of weaves and extensions is really that you can wear any hairstyle while growing your own hair. Most hair loss is from the ends due to splitting. Weaves & extensions protect the ends from harsh treatment that cause splitting, which results in breakage.

Artificial hair types
There are so many types of hair extensions available today that the choices are overwhelming and confusing. So, be prepared before you go shopping for your extensions. Make sure you have a hairstyle in mind and educate yourself on the pros and the cons before you make a choice. Also, be aware of the fact that most artificial hair, even 100 percent human hair, is treated with chemicals. If you are allergic to synthetic, animal or certain chemicals, you might want to test the commercial hair before you buy and certainly before you attach them to your hair.
The most popular and common types of artificial hair are basically make of three different synthetic fibers. They are synthetic, Kanekalon, Tokyokalon and Yaky.

Caring for weaves
Caring for weaves is rather easy because your own hair should be safely protected so you cannot harm it. The hairstyle and the type of fiber you choose will determine your weave care but usually the emphasis will be on keeping the weave hair from tangling. Combing or brushing is not recommended for weave because this causes the weave hair to shed from the weave tracks. Use your fingers to untangle to prevent the weave from shedding. If you need to comb the weave hair or brush, keep one hand on your head below the track while do-ing so. This will not only prevent too much hair from coming out, it will also prevent disturbing the underlying natural hair.

The do's and the don'ts for weaves

Follow your stylist's advice
Follow the advice of your stylist regarding how to care for your style; ask how often to wash or condition and if or how often a touch up will be required.

• Keep your scalp clean
This is even more essential for weave styles because the scalp is covered all the time creating a hotbed for bacteria.

• Do not sleep on your weave while it is wet or damp
Do not sleep on ycur weave if it is still wet or damp. This avoids matting as well as damage to your natural hair. For longer length weaves, tie up the hair before sleeping on it.

• Prevent Matting
Remove all tangles before wetting or shampooing hair to pre-vent irreversible matting. Do not use hot water on human hair weaves, wigs or extensions, this will cause the hair to swell and become matted.

• Do use a scarf
Sleeping in a cap or scarf will protect your style which will keep it neat for a longer period of time.

• Do not keep a weave style in too long
Three months is the maximum for weaves as well as for exten-sions. If the added hair starts to mat you risk scalp problems and hair breakage. Also, the normal grow out time is 2-3 months.

• After care
Use products sparingly because product residue will build up in the underlying added hair. If you must use a conditioner or a moisturizer, apply sparingly to both added & natural hair. Also rinse thoroughly after shampooing. 

This Article is transcribed from article of Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau on BNB Magazine.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Instant Weave HZ 7071 - Short Curly Half Wig

Sensationnel Instant Weave Synthetic Half Wig - HZ 7071

Sensationnel Half Wig, HZ 7071 (they called it, instant weave) is short curly style.

Curl type is afro-deep, and hair type is Futura synthetic hair. length is about 10". This item is half wig, so there is large comb in front wig cap, and also another one at nape. You can adjust cap size with band hooks at nape.
As you know her name, you can make natural style like weaving hair within 60 seconds. Most important pros on Sensationnel Instant Weave stuffs is that you can rock your style  like the shown model. 

If you want to make your style quickly or naturally, I'd like to recommend Instant Weaves.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Equal Lace Front Wig Amy (2)

Beehive and Lace Braid Lace Front Wig AMY by Equal

Last time, I posted on Equal Lace Front Wig, Amy. Today, I will check its detailed style and wig cap structure.

She has beautiful front hair style, so it needs to fix securely. There are two secure combs at each front side, and also open ear-tabs allow you to wear glasses. Front half wig cap is designed to wig style, and back half cap is cap-less weft layer for comfort wear.

You can adjust wig cap size with two ban hooks, and fix nape with an additional secure comb.
Shown color below is OM27/30/613, you can choose shaded mixing color know as Ombre color for more natural look. Two special points on this item are extra long hair (24") and natural baby hair on forehead. Of course, this lace wig is special for her beehive style and lace braid around top beehive.

You can feel a special style designed by top lace front wig brand, EQUAL.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Equal Invisible Part Wig FLASH

Equal Synthetic Wig Flash with Invisible Part

Cute short wig is newly arrived, Equal Invisible Part Wig Flash.

She (Flash) is synthetic hair wig. Her basic style is short pixie cut. Even though this item is wig, her hair is natural like a weaving hair, because of invisible parting (see the second picture above).

Recently, Equal (High Quality Synthetic Hair Brand of Shake N Go) adopted "invisible part design" to  their wig line. It allows wig's style to close to weaving hair. Actually, if there is no wig cap, its structure is the same as weaving technique. In addition, they adds shade mixed color known as Ombre color. Of course, Hair type is Futura heat friendly synthetic hair. You apply iron or hair dryer upto 400F.

You can find her at

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

XQ Cuticle Remy Yaky 24"

XQ Cuticle Remy Yaky 24" - Long Remy Weaving Hair

XQ Cuticle Remy, One of Top Remy Hair Brands released very long remy hair, XQ Cuticle Remy Yaky 24".

24" hair reaches almost your hip or waist at least. Please, refer to the picture below.

What kinds of style we can make with long weave? Please refer to my previous article. (click here) In addition, refer to my another article 'Cuticle Remy/Remi Hair Care Products', and manufacturer's article below,

1. Fortified cuticle strength
carefully hand selected, flawless 100% Remy hair is enhanced with an exclusive Advanced Cuticle Reinforcing technology that fortify the resiliency, elasticity, and vibrancy of its natural cuticles, This scientific procedure aids the natural cuticles to gain strength over harmful environmental factors that damage healthy hair.
2. Enriched cortex technique
XQ's exclusive Advanced REmy Enrichment technique conditions and energizes the natural structure of exquisite Remy hair, Cuticle Remy XQ's powerful combination of sealed in moisture, radiance, and healthiness keeps the Remy hair looking ageless.
3. Unidirectional live cuticles
The cutting-edge development of Unidirectional "Live Cuticles (ULC) features a superb tangle-free wear while its incomparable youthful, luxurious texture is accentuated. The timeless radiance of XQ's "laid-flat" cuticles delivers intensified levels of light reflecting shine and vibrant color.
4. Sophisticated weft design
Cuticle Remy XQ features the newAdvanced Precise Weft, specifically designed to create a flexible weft for easy sewing and secure weft for shed-free wear. The distinct design makes Cuticle Remy XQ the most hassle-free modern Remy hair in the hair industry.
5. Perpetual life
Cuticle Remy XQ allows you to experience the true benefits of healty hair with simple hair care maintenance and extended longevity. With proper care, the Cuticle Remy XQ proves its "perpetual uniqueness" with remakable re-usability wash after wash maintaining same high XQ standards

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Totally Instant Weave HZ A058 - Curly Pompadour Style

Totally Instant Weave HZ A058

Her overall style is Pompadour, you can part right or left you want. Hair texture is very soft and flexible. So, you can easily change style.

Forehead part is designed to wig style, back half is cap-less weft layer structure. So, you may feel comfort to wear. Side ear-tab allows you to wear sun glasses through the openings and over the fibers for a natural look. In addition, you can adjust wig cap size with two elastic hooks at nape.

Totally Instant Weave HZ A058 is very cheerful wig. Especially, her vivid curl of back head will give you vitality.

You can meet her at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Equal Braid Lace Front Wig Angel

Equal Lace Front Wig Angel with Lace Braid

New Arrival Lace Front Wig, Angel is lace braided wig.

Overall style of Lace Front Wig, Angel is Long Straight Hair. Hair Length is about 16". Front hair is asymmetric parting, and lace braid is each side. Hair type is FUTURA  heat friendly hair, so you can modified hair style, for example, bob tip or flip tip, curly style.

Two lace braids (started from each side) are merged at the center of back head. It looks like Eowyn hairstyle. In addition, if you choose shaded Ombre color, curl pattern can be more emphasized.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Equal Lace Front Wig ICY with Curly Braid Hair

Lace Front Wig ICY by Equal - Long Curly Lace Braid Hair Style

New Arrival Lace Front Wig, ICY is fabulous style, Long Curl Lace Braid Hair.

First, she has beautiful long loose curl, and style is middle one between body wave and loose deep. Length is about 18". In addition, she shows her feminine style with gypsy style lace braid around the back head. If you choose Ombre color, lace braid and curl pattern are more emphasized.

As you know, all equal synthetic hair product adopts FUTURA heat friendly hair. So you refresh curl pattern whenever you want. We promise this product is this spring it item for you.

Friday, February 15, 2013

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Equal Braid Hairline Lace Front Wig Frosty

Equal Lace Front Wig Frosty with Braid Hair

Here, Princess style braiding lace front wig, Frosty by Equal is newly released.

Her overall style is long body wave. Hair length is about 20", very long. Front head is parting, and two different side looks are shown. Left is double lace braiding style, and at right side lace braids are ended and naturally dropped.

Appearance from the back is much more beautiful than front with long wave hair. You can choose shaded mixed Ombre color, and refresh curl with curling iron. This hair is Futura heat friendly hair.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

XQ Cuticle Remy Shortcut Weave Glam Roll 3pcs

XQ Cuticle Remy Glam Roll 3pcs Shortcut Weaving Hair

Another XQ Cuticle Shortcut Weave is Glam Roll 3pcs.

Hair style is medium roll curl, and length is 8". Of course, 3 pieces of hair rolls are supplied. Hair type is 100% Cuticle Remy Human Hair.

As I posted before, Shake N Go Hair focused on the highest quality remy hair, Cuticle Remy Human Hair. So, they are making effort to improve hair quality but reduce price. So XQ short cut 3pcs is supplied with affordable price. Try this item, today!

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XQ Cuticle Remy Shortcut Weave Soft Deep 3pcs

XQ Cuticle Remy Soft Deep 3pcs Shortcut Weaving Hair

XQ (Top Quality Remy Brand of Shake N Go Hair) released short weaving hair, Soft Deep 3pcs.

Her style is deep curl, and length is 8 inch. There are 3 pieces of curling weaves in the package as below.

Manufacturer, Shake N Go hair don't make other mid-quality Remy short cut weaves like SAGA Brand. Recently, they focused on only the highest quality, according to customer's needs.

This item is made up of Cuticle Remy Hair. You can feel the difference from general Remy hair with XQ Soft Deep 3pcs.

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