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Monday, July 11, 2016

Hawaiian Silky Dry Look Gel Activator

Hawaiian Silky Dry Look Gel Activator

What is Gel Activator?

First, gel or curl activator is used as a moisturizer. This can be wet, damp or misted hair. The water is essential to stop the product just sitting on hair and giving it a greasy look.

Second, gel activator help detangle your hair. You can use a lot of the gel to ensure good coverage before either finger detangling or combing.

Third, gel activator enhance a curl style. If your natural hair forms clumped spiral curls, it is absolutely possible to use the curl activator to enhance those curls.

Hawaiian Silky Dry Look Gel Activator

Hawaiian Silky “Dry Look”  Gel Activator is specially formulated with moisturizers and proteins to soften and condition with no messy build up.  Recommended for chemically treated hair, as well as natural curls and waves.

Apply a sufficient amount to the hair, massage and style. For best results, spray on Hawaiian Silky "Dry Look" Moisturizing Spray or Hawaiian Silky Detangling and Conditioning Spray.