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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Freetress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Missie

Asymmetric Layered Cut Wig - Missie by Equal

This asymmetric style is introduced by Pop Diva Rihanna and Model and Singer Cassie

Basic style is layered hair or body wave style,  but only one side is long hair style and another side is short cut or shaved cut. Actually, lever of this style is not easy. You can easily rock this style with Equal Missie or Cassie. Also, you can give a point with reddish color or Ombre color.

Wig cap is a comfort opened layered structure, and also open ear tab help you wearing glasses. You can adjust cap side with two elastic hooks at nape.
You can meet Equal Missie at

Friday, March 29, 2013

Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Up Do U Betty

Long Deep Curl Half Wig - Betty by Outre (UpDo style)

Betty by Outre is long deep curl style half wig, and Updo style is easily available. 

Hair Length is long, about 18". Hair type is Futura heat friendly fiber. So, it is very light, and you can easily use iron and dryer.

 Like other Quick Weave half wigs, one large comb is at front, two small combs at nape. In addition, updo style (Ponytail) is available with drawstring.

You can find Betty by Outre at

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outre Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig Alisha

Long Layered Style Lace Front Wig - Alisha by Outre

Lace Front Wig Alisha is simple layered cut style, and her length is about 16", medium long length.

Front hair is layered half parting, and you can make two tone style by choosing bright color. 

Like other Outre lace front wigs, there are three combs, two at forehead and one at nape. Two adjustable band hooks are located at nape. Forehead of wig cap is designed to wig style, and half back are opened weft layers.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Outre 100% Human Hair Premium Duby Wig Combo 2

Bob Haircut Human Hair Wig - Combo 2 by Outre

Human Hair Wig Combo 2 is Bob haircut style like previous one, Combo wig. Her hair length is about 8", which is little bit longer than Combo Wig (about 6"). So, it is more rounded.

This item is made by 100% human hair, so it is very soft and moisture feeling. 

There are two combs for fixing at both forehead and nape. You can also adjust wig cap size with two band hooks at nape. Open ear tab help you wearing glasses or sunglasses.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Equal Synthetic Hair Drawstring FullCap Wig Vogue Girl

Long Deep Curl Half Wig - Vogue Girl By Equal

Equal FullCap Wig Vogue Girl is Deep Curl style half wig. Hair length is medium long, about 16". Hair type is futura heat friendly hair, so you can use iron and hair dryer.

She has a natural deep curl hair. This curling hair is emphasized more by shaded Ombre color. Color shown below is OM2/30/33. 

This item is fullcap wig, so there are large comb at front, and two small combs at nape for fixing. Moreover, you can apply this to do ponytail with drawstring band.

You can meet Vogue Girl at

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Equal Synthetic Hair Band FullCap Bounce Girl

Simple but Cute Layered Haircut Wig - Bounce Girl

Bounce Girl by Equal is a half wig, they called it as FullCap. Her style is simple layered hair cut, and hair length is short, about 12". Hair type is futura heat friendly fiber. You can use iron and hair dryer.

Actually, she has a polished style. Especially, her shaded color called as Ombre adds a visual interest. Shown color below is Ombre mixed color, OM2/30/33. There are three shaded color, dark brown, light auburn and dark auburn chestnut brown color.

Like other fullcap wig, three wig combs are used, large one at front and two small ones at nape.

This item is simple basic style, but overall balance is fabulous. You can find Bounce Girl by Equal at

Friday, March 22, 2013

Equal Synthetic Hair Double Weave Sway Curl 4pcs

Long Body Wave Curl Weaving Hair - Sway Curl 4pcs by Equal

Long layered body wave weaving hair is released by Equal, Equal Sway Curl 4pcs.

This item is synthetic hair weaves. Overall style is body wave curl. Near weft area is straight layered, and wave curl is tighten at end. So, it looks like a natural hair style. Multiple length is applied: 19"+20"+21"+22" and 19" closure. The longest weft layer is 22". So, you can make style over 25", Long Body Wave Curl Style. Especially, you can choose Ombre color option for more natural look. In addition, hair type is FUTURA heat friendly fiber. You can keep hair curl fresh with curling iron and hair dryer under the condition of 400F.

I recommend you try this cool item for this spring season. You can find Equal Synthetic Hair Double Weave Sway Curl 4pcs at

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Equal Luxury Synthetic Hair Wig Tracy

Cool Afro Wig - Tracy by Equal

General Afro wig is a little bit big, because Afro wig is used for special party or show. Here is a cute size Afro wig, Equal Synthetic Wig Tracy.

Her style is Afro, and length is short about 8". Hair type is FUTURA heat friendly fiber, you can refresh curl with hair dryer. You can choose shaded mixed GF color. This item is very cute and vitality.

Wig cap structure is the same as general wig cap. Opened weft layers, and two adjustable band hooks at nape... In addition, opened ear tab helps you wearing glasses.