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Friday, May 10, 2013

Natural Hair Style - (2) Locks, Twists and Braids

Locks, Twists and Braids for African American Women


Cornrows are a popular African style of braiding the hair along the scalp. They are also known as "underhand track braids". It's a traditional art that anyone who has the patience can learn, but it takes some time and skill to master.


Braiding is one of the easiest types of hair extensions to put in yourself. It takes time, precision and patience, but depending on the length of your hair, the length of the extensions and the size of the braids.


Giving yourself dreadlocks doesn't require much more than dreadlock wax and a lot of patience. You can have dreadlocks put in at the salon, but doing them yourself at home is more natural and much less expensive. Plan to spend several months forming the dreads and more time keeping them in good shape.

Sister locks 

Sisterlocks are tiny uniform locks that are the result of a precision parting grid, and the use of a specialized tool used to place the hair into its locking formation.

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