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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Perfect Hair Style for Summer, 'Ponytails'

Ponytails for Hot Summer

As the weather gets hotter, women across the country are looking to change their hair styles into something that is more suitable for the sizzling hot summer season and yet, do not compromise their beauty. For example, during the summer we spend more time in the outdoor settings, and naturally, ladies opt for more convenient and easy to manage hair styles. Some summer time activities could include backyard BBQ parties, picnics and water parks, vacations and traveling, golfing, jogging, playing tennis, boating, and much more. And, one of the best, and probably the most frequently utilized, hair styles in the summer time is indeed the 'Ponytail.'

Ponytails are not just for the little girls anymore. In fact, they stop being targeted only for the younger girls a long time ago. Now there are so many different ways to create gorgeous hair styles with the ponytail. For instance, one can wear the ponytail with a pompadour, flat twist, curls, straight bangs, etc. Moreover, many companies are making it easy and convenient to utilize the ponytails today. Like the good old snap-on ponytails, there will always be a demand for the drawstrings and drawstring-wigs that can turn into the ponytail.

One thing that often prevents women from wearing the ponytail is the idea of losing their own hairline. Well, my advice as a stylist is to be careful when styling with the ponytails. One has to understand that every woman wears it differently. Some wear it with using hair gels, while others wear it with using only hair sprays. In addition, now there are `Edges' gels, a great product that can slick down the hairline without causing any damage. It is important that women are properly informed as to how to utilize the ponytails. They need to know that the ponytails are not to be worn for a long period of time and that they need to be shampooed and treated just like any other hair products in between styles. 

This Article is transcribed from article of Janel Sealy Smith on BNB Magazine.
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